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May 22nd 2018, 1:30-5:00. Yale West Campus. Free Parking

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Paula Clifford

Executive Director

Americans for Medical Progress

Public Outreach: We are all in this together!

It is essential that everyone who works with animals in research get involved in public out-reach. There are many programs available providing an option that fits individual goals and personalities. This session will share how to get involved with a variety of outreach programs including BRAD and Come See Our World. It will also provide tips to help everyone working with animals in a research setting to effectively and comfortably speak about what they do.



Dr. Mark Mamula

Professor of Medicine Yale University

Utilizing Pet Dogs To Investigate a Cancer Vaccine


Current treatments for tumors include monoclonal antibodies, chemotherapy, or other recep- tor inhibitors. As an alternative to monoclonal antibodies and other treatments with serious side effects, Dr. Mamula focuses on protein-based vaccination to trigger long lasting natural anti-tumor effects. His lab has demonstrated efficacy in human cells in vitro and against tu- mor targets in mouse models.

Dog cancers represent an ideal next step to examine tumor-specific vaccination as they have characteristics comparable to human tumors. Also, canine companions arrive at the clinic with various stages of naturally occurring tumors at various ages of onset just as humans do. In  this comparative oncology study, dogs are being immunized with select proteins and various anti-tumor immune responses are been evaluated. The pathology indicates that tumors are infiltrated with vaccination-induced antibodies and T-cells, suggesting that the use of spontaneous canine patients represents a novel and promising model for treatment of human disease."




Open BOD Positions for 2019

Are you ready to sit on the SNEAALAS Board of Director’s?  It’s getting closer and closer to the deadline of September 1, 2018 so get your information in if you are interested in a position for 2019. The below Board positions are available. 

  • Nomination’s co-chair (voting position, 2 year term)
  • Award’s co-chair (voting position, 2 year term)
  • Assistant Technician Branch Representative (3 year term)
  • President elect (voting position, 3 year term)
  • Vendor Co-Chair (3 year term)

In order to qualify for a Board position, you must be a member of SNEAALAS in good standing.  The BOD meets 4 times a year (generally January, April, August and December) outside of the 3 group meetings (February, June and November). 

If you are interested in any of the above positions or want further information on the positions, please email Nikki O'Callaghan at    If you are applying for a position, please provide a short bio and your contact information.  If desired, you may also include a platform statement.

Thank you for your interest and let others know as well.  It is always great to have new people get involved.



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